Scott Shaper was one the best instructors I've ever had in my entire college career. He's a very perceptive and considerate educator, who is modern in his teaching techniques and will help you get into gear in the ever-changing climate of web development.

He creates these extremely intricate, detailed, and custom curriculum with 100% the student in mind: the foundations and how it defines the web development of today. What results from his classes are these portfolio-ready projects that portray your mastery from websites to frameworks and applications.

I daresay he is one of the biggest factors to my successes to date. While I was his student, he encouraged us to approach issues with great mindfulness and given us plenty of great advice about careers in web development today. I know this because he himself attends these local web development and industry events.

Scott Shaper will challenge you, make you see problems differently, and have you always wonder about the possible solutions out there. Gaining the technical skills and these "soft" attributes from him is priceless to any employer out there."

- Patricia Puno

It is with great enthusiasm that I would like to tell you of a recent Public Speaking class I attended, that was taught by Mrs. Karen Shaper at the Washtenaw Community College. The week long educational experience was a requirement by the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters in order to continue my own teaching position with my home local #562 in St. Louis, Mo.

Before I continue I would like to explain. Not only am I a part time instructor I am also an elected official in a fairly large municipality just a few miles outside of St. Louis. I considered myself very well rounded in the Public Speaking category and felt I would be wasting mine and Mrs. Shaper’s time, attending the class.


What I felt to be rather interesting was that Karen’s students came from all over the country, literally. Students from New York, Alabama, California, Louisiana, Arkansas, etc. How in the world could a teacher get her message and educational skills across to such a wide variety of personalities and people with so many different backgrounds and up bringing?

I am writing you this letter of testimony to tell you JOB WELL DONE by Mrs. Shaper. Karen’s presentation style was full of real life experience, enthusiasm, and not to mention her knowledge and communication of the subject was second to none. She presented her information in a variety of ways in order to get her point across to the entire class. If she felt someone may have been slightly confused I noticed her one on one approach which seemed to be just what the particular student needed to receive the point Karen was trying to make at the time. Keeping the four hour block class going at all times was quite the accomplishment on its own.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I’ve been in the public eye for well over 15 years now. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many hours of Public Speaking I have given? I can tell you this. After attending Karen’s class I feel more confident than ever when I approach the podium in the council chambers or enter my class room at the educational facility. Not only was Karen’s class NOT a waste of time, it was one of the best I have ever been fortunate enough to attend.

- Bob Howell

Hey Scott,
I just wanted to let you know that I just accepted a Jr .Net developer position for a company called United Shore. It's my first actual developer job. I just wanted to share that it was the web developer program at WCC that got me interested in becoming a programmer, and your JavaScript class that taught me to think like one. Couldn't have done it without! I'm super thankful. I also thought you should know I spent some time talking about my shopping cart site during my interview and think it gave me that extra edge. Thanks again and have a great holiday!

- Robert Baxter

I am so thankful that Karen was willing to help my at-risk ninth grade English students have a day of fun learning. She listened to my description of the class ahead of time, made suggestions for how to build healthy relationships, and volunteered her time to work with them on understanding non-verbal communications. Her goal was that they have fun and not even realize they were learning. She met that goal!

- Kariana G.

I wanted let you know how crucial your curriculum has been in my development. After I finished Web III last winter semester my goal was to finish the Web Development Associate at Washtenaw. You may have been expecting me to be in Web IV this fall and while that was my original plan, I decided to pursue a Bachelor in Applied Computer Science at EMU instead.

I would never have put myself to this kind of challenge without having the experience of that Node.js project. Thank you.

- Justin Reed

I have to confess, that I was extremely nervous and intimidated, in the speech class in a good way. I just wanted to thank you again for the class in Public Speaking, and acknowledge your effort and passion in teaching. It was inspirational and extremely rewarding to me.

- Manny

Web 230 (Web Development III) covers Advanced JavaScript. It was a challenging, fast-paced class, but well worth it. Rather than focusing on small academic assignments, the course implemented one large semester-long project (an e-commerce web-site.) Scott Shaper was wonderful, always well prepared and had great supporting materials available on-line. He pushed the class, but was also open to suggestions and was very flexible about tweaks to the assignment so that I could cover different topics within the scope of the main subject area. I learned more in this class than in any other I took while earning my computer science degree at WCC.

- Shawn Pollack